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Bass Transcription – Toots Thielemans’ Standard “Bluesette” by Josh Needleman

Bass Transcription – Toots Thielemans’ Standard “Bluesette” by Josh Needleman…
Josh Needleman

Toots Thielemans’ standard “Bluesette” is a popular jazz waltz that utilizes the ii-7 to V7  progression in several keys as it cycles around in fourths.  Students have trouble playing the melody as it was originally played on harmonica and has a wide range, so I have laid it out here and included the chords so you can also walk the changes on the gig.  The melody sounds very nice on the G and D strings on both bass guitar and upright bass, with the D string phrases answering the G string phrases and vice versa.  Observe the two crescendos for some exciting intermelody dynamics.  Enjoy!

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