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ShowOne Helps Musicians Stay In Sync with Pre-Recorded Music


ShowOne Helps Musicians Stay In Sync with Pre-Recorded Music

ShowOne Helps Musicians Stay In Sync with Pre-Recorded Music

ShowOne Helps Musicians Stay In Sync with Pre-Recorded Music

Powerful and comprehensive, ShowOne is the ultimate iOS app for live backing tracks – designed “by musicians, for musicians”.

Created by veteran music industry professionals Tony Fagenson and Jerry Fitzgerald, ShowOne (originally released as Sidestage in July) is a new versatile and intuitive app for working with backing tracks in live performance. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, musicians now have a formidable live music tool that is simple enough for beginners but flexible enough to handle the demanding needs of professionals.

The idea for ShowOne was born to resolve real world situations faced by actual musicians. Previously, performers wanting to stay in sync with backing tracks found themselves stuck between using expensive, cumbersome, and at times unreliable laptop and hardware setups, or limited and inflexible mobile options. ShowOne provides the optimal results at an affordable price, all with the convenience of the iOS format.

Key Features Include:

– Automatic click track with choice of click sounds, avoiding the need for pre-preparing click tracks or carrying laptops and full DAW software to gigs.

– The ability to edit crucial song and set settings, such as tempo, pitch, voice countoffs and more from within the app.

– Compatibility with 3rd party interfaces like the Apogee Duet, Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 and more, allowing multi-channel output and routing flexibility. With no interface, ShowOne automatically splits audio out the headphone jack – one side with clicks, cues, and music to the musician, the other with only music to the audience.

– The exclusive ShowOne Crosstalk Control (SCC), reducing unwanted crosstalk or bleed between channels.

– Easy and fast import of most audio formats via the major cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud, etc) or iTunes File Sharing.

– Click Delay and Click Mute, allowing users unprecedented control over how the click interacts with the underlying audio.

– A clean and attractive user-friendly interface that is easy to see in live show environments.

ShowOne also serves as an exceptional practice tool, especially for drummers, and a world-class backup for even the most advanced live playback setups.

ShowOne co-creator Tony Fagenson used ShowOne (then named Sidestage in the app’s “soft launch” phase) every night on tour with his band Eve 6 throughout summer 2015. Fagenson noted, “I wanted to put our app through the rigors of the road as the ultimate test for skips or crashes, and ShowOne performed flawlessly.”

Users can try the mostly full-featured app for free on the App Store, with a limit of two user-imported tracks. To unlock the app is currently $8.99 and allows unlimited track imports and access to all of ShowOne’s functionality. New features will be rolled out in the near future as IAP (In-App Purchase) add-ons including Click Packs, MIDI connectivity, and more.

About One Zero One Audio, creators of ShowOne:

One Zero One Audio was founded by lifelong music professionals Tony Fagenson and Jerry Fitzgerald. Fagenson is a multi-instrumental recording artist and producer perhaps best known as a founding member, songwriter and drummer of the multi-platinum rock band Eve 6. Fagenson has also accumulated songwriting and production credits for a number of artists including Puddle of Mudd, Emily Osment, Sandra N and more. Jerry Fitzgerald has twenty years experience working as a stage manager and/or backline tech for many professional live acts including Cee Lo Green, The Germs, God Lives Underwater, Eve 6 and most recently Fitz and the Tantrums. San Francisco based iOS developer Hello World Engineering coded and developed the software, working closely with One Zero One Audio throughout the development process.

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