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Expanding the Slap Bass Vocabulary with Ray Riendeau – Groove #6

ray-riendeau-oct2015-2Expanding the Slap Bass Vocabulary with Ray Riendeau – Groove #6…

Hello fellow bassists!

Happy New Year to you all!

This month I’d like to share another groove that uses the Rake down/ Rake up technique that has become a favorite of mine. It also uses the left hand hammer-on to attack the fretted notes. The groove is based on an A Dominant chord.

Expanding the Slap Bass Vocabulary - Groove #6 JAN2016

L = Left Hand

H = Hammer On

T = Thumb (2 T’s in a row is Thumb down followed by Thumb up)

P1 = Pop Index Finger

P2 = Pop Middle Finger

X = Percussive Note (notated on string being attacked)

RD = Rake Down (fanning your finger(s) in a downward motion across


RU = Rake Up (fanning your finger(s) in a Upward motion across string(s)

H = Hammer On

O = Open String

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