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Song Learning APP Capo Now Offers Instrument Isolation

Song Learning APP Capo Now Offers Instrument Isolation

Song Learning APP Capo Now Offers Instrument Isolation

The creative powers at SuperMegaUltraGroovy have just injected sonic steroids in their song learning apps, Capo and Capo touch. In addition to Capo’s killer chord intelligence and a visually stunning spectogram, isolation controls have just been taken to the next level.

The latest version of Capo features a new audio isolation engine, called Neptune, that enables you to isolate or mute a specific frequency range in any of your iTunes songs. What this powerful innovation means is that you can now isolate the bass and eliminate the rest of the band. Or mute the bass and create your own play along. This is in addition to Capo’s amazing looping, key change, and slow down features.


“Now you can be particular about the frequencies you hear, it’s awesome! You can zone in on the frequency you want, pull out frequencies that you didn’t hear before, all the intricate parts, and fine tune it with the panning and width settings,” said Kenny Wright, bassist/producer for such artists as John Legend, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, and J. Cole.

“With rap music, the 808 tends to be so muddy and predominant in the music that it’s hard to hear where the movement is going. This new isolation gives me an easy way to tune into the right frequency of the 808 and pull out all the parts consistent with my ear. Now you get the actual tonality of what is being played. It makes a big difference when you can truly hear that note!”

The new isolation feature is included in a free update for Capo and Capo touch owners. There is also a free trail version you can check out at:

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