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Chance Wilder Onody Releases Jaw-Dropping EP

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Chance Wilder Onody Releases Jaw-Dropping EP

Chance Wilder Onody EPWhile many bassists aspire to be a band leader of their own project, Chance Wilder Onody has bigger aspirations. With the release of his EP, Dream, Onody uses only five basses to become an entire symphonic orchestra.

Dream features “Crimson Wings,” the extraordinary follow up to Onody’s successful and ground breaking rendition of “Feeling Good,” (also on the EP), which made its way across the USA and around the world to rave reviews.

Onody has done it again with “Crimson Wings,” changing the perception of what a bass can do. The new single is a high energy rock symphony performed solely on bass by Onody, with incredible drum and percussion performances by Doane Perry. Listening to the track, it’s incredibly hard to sit back and realize that this just two musicians. It takes a special kind of artist to transcend what their instrument is capable of (or, what decades of players would tell you the instrument is capable of) and reinvent it in such a manner. Whether he’s using his Warrior electric bass, or one of the many NS Design electric-upright basses, it’s clear that Onody’s vision is much farther reaching than what the instrument can or cannot do.

As the press release states, “First, enjoy the experience of the music, then remind yourself that this is not an entire orchestra with strings and horns; it is just one man on bass. It is not a rock band with blazing guitars; it is one musician, joined by a great drummer to create a dynamic and memorable recording. Then it sinks in; the true scope and genius of what this young musician has achieved.”

I’ve been a friend and fan of Chance’s for a couple of years now, and to say that even I was amazed by this recording is saying something; if you’ve seen him perform either at Bass Player LIVE! or at NAMM, you know that he’s the real deal. But just the sheer scope of this recording alone is mind-boggling. The entire score was arranged from the bottom up, starting with a driving bass line (as it should be…!). Everything was taken into consideration.

Visit to order your copy of this impressive EP, or find the links to download it from your preferred online music resource. You’ll be glad you did.

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