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CD Review – BASSORAMA by Alberto Rigoni

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CD Review – BASSORAMA by Alberto Rigoni

PRIDE and JOY MUSIC signs ALBERTO RIGONI with his solo album BASSORAMA

CD Review – BASSORAMA by Alberto Rigoni

I have often stated that music is the universal language. No matter where you are on the planet,  you will hear music and notice that it brings people together to collaborate towards a common goal.

Alberto Rigoni’s latest CD “BASSORAMA” takes its’ foundation from his original compositions and builds upon them with his own superb bass playing. He is joined by a star-studded cast of heavy-hitter bassists including:

  • Doug Wimbish
  • Divinity ROXX
  • Stu Hamm
  • Nik West
  • Steve Lawson
  • Anna Sentina
  • Lars Lehmann
  • Remco Hendrix

All I can say is that this CD must have been a blast to record! While listening, I specially enjoyed trying to pick out the guest star contributions. See if you can recognize the characteristic styles and sounds.

As you would expect, this CD is a serious bass project. Alberto’s music is modern/futuristic and falls into an Electronica genre. His clean, precise bass groove is the principal focus of his pieces, adorned with tapping, harmonics, effect pedals and a generous amount of slap and pop. There is an entertaining infusion of dialog, sound effects and a general upbeat tempo on all of the tracks. There is a deliberate variety in his composition approach that accents the unique quality of each song.

Needless to say, when Alberto produces a video version of these tracks, they are a lot of fun to watch. Check out:

Bass Guy


Dressed to kill

BASSORAMA teaser from Anna Sentina

It is interesting to note that this project was brought to life through a fundraising campaign. Check out the original promo:

So there you have it! In all fairness, I can’t describe “BASSORAMA” in words enough to do it justice. You are simply going to have to give it a listen; you will definitely enjoy all the elements that make this CD a work of collaborate greatness.


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