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Tomas Gonzaga, DaydreamXI

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Tomas Gonzaga, DaydreamXI…

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Tomas has been playing the bass in one form or another since the age of seven. Heavily inspired by the jazz greats of earlier eras like Miles Davis, Spyro Gyra and Jaco Pastorious, you definitely can hear the melodious and theoretic awareness within his playing. This was of course just the beginning, like many young players, Tomas truly found his musical home in the world of metal. With the backdrop of technique and complexity you can really hear him shine through without trampling the voice or feel of the music.

Stylistically he is capable of anything on the bass guitar, whether its slapping, tapping, two handed techniques, three finger pizzicato or double thumb, you can rest assured this man is a certified workaholic “Always searching for new styles, techniques and new ways to interpret the music.” Somehow these all find their home in practical application within the music in a rather majestic fashion.


DaydreamXI are a Brazilian power/progressive metal outfit set on re-invigorating the true heart of heavy metal. Since 2008 they have released two albums (Humanity’s prologue EP & The Grand Disguise) to much critical acclaim. Tomas has been in charge of bass duties in DaydreamXI for over nine years and does everything in his power to take their sound to the next level. Here is a link to their song “Wings of Destruction” from their album “The Grand Disguise”, and it really shows you what Tomas does best.



DaydreamXI are set to release their new double concept album “The Circus of the Tattered and Torn” later this year. The album emphasizes the aspects and emotions of human life and how we as people are drawn to each other by our weaknesses and shortcomings. The band has also launched a Pledgemusic campaign in light of the forthcoming album where you can get tons of cool/ unique merch, real time updates, track previews and more. If you’d like to donate and be a part of DaydreamXI’s new album, click here.

You can expect “more prog & less power” with this new release and “lots of grooves, bass solos and shreds”. You can also plan on some upcoming tour dates later this year as well. This is most certainly a band you must see live, unifying not only “good songs, shreds and funny moments” but also “the perfect memento to forget your problems”.

Follow Tomas and DaydreamXI online:

IG: @tom_gonzaga , @daydream.xi


Twitter: @tom_gonzaga, @daydreamxi


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