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CD Review – Landscapes, A Solo CD By Bassist Jared Lees

CD Review - Landscapes, A Solo CD By Bassist Jared Lees-3

CD Review – Landscapes, A Solo CD By Bassist Jared Lees…

Akron, Ohio bassist Jared Lees recently released an eight song solo bass CD titled Landscapes.  Each of the eight tracks is well crafted and very well executed.  Clearly Jared Lees has a brilliant command of his instrument and musical vocabulary.  His fretless playing is superb!

One of the strengths of this CD is how well Jared lays out the soundscapes, which create a strong emotional connection for the listener.  As a renowned tone freak, I absolutely reveled in the various tones Jared Lees used.  His use of tone is a compositional tool that is used with sensitivity and creativity.

CD Review - Landscapes, A Solo CD By Bassist Jared Lees-2

The eight tracks of Jared’s CD, Landscapes, are: Easy; Home; Sunset; Efretlessly; Amber; Bouncy; Disjoined Cohesion; and First Week.  These original compositions are well arranged and lined up in an orderly manner on the record.

My take on the totality of this CD was that it’s a great CD to “chillax” to.  Listening to it let me in a contemplative mood.  There are many technical flourishes to interest any bass player listening to this record.  Overall, the simplicity of the supporting instruments allow for the melodies to stand out in a very satisfying way.

Solo bass has been gaining a greater level of acceptance over the recent past.   Pathfinders like Michael Manring, Darren Michaels, Victor Wooten, and many more, have helped to grow an audience for solo bass.  You can now add Jared Lees to this illustrious list of solo bass contributors.

I have admired Jared Lees and his musicianship for some time.  This CD takes my admiration of Jared’s playing and composition to the next level.  Clearly, Jared is a strong bassist with a brilliant future ahead.  Do yourself a favor and download a copy of Landscapes by Ohio bassist Jared Lees and add it to your collecton.

Jared endorses Prat Bassses, Guardian Pro Cables, and Schroeder Cabinets, and Kalium Strings.  Jared can be found on the interwebs at: and at


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