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CD Review – Soliloquio, By Bassist Pablo Gonzalez Sarre

CD Review - Soliloquio, By Bassist Pablo Gonzalez Sarre-1

CD Review – Soliloquio, By Bassist Pablo Gonzalez Sarre

Pablo Gonzalez Sarre has recorded a gorgeous jewel of a CD titled Soliloquio.   The production quality of this project is nothing short of superb!  It is very rare for me to find a CD that I binge on when I hear it.  Soliloqio is one such CD.   In the time I got it, I must have listened to it at least thirty times.  Matter of fact, I’m listening to it as I write this article.

The keyboard player plays in a lush and unobtrusive way, with great sounds.  The guitar playing and tone is a perfect match to the rest of the instrumentation.  The drums sound incredible…and the bass tone has a rich and warm tone that clearly cuts through the mix without any effort.

The compositions are beautiful in their simplicity.  Clearly, a great deal of time was spent on composing and arranging them to make them so beautiful. This CD has it all…great feel, great sound and great melodies.  This is a CD that is perfect to listen to for any occasion.

The cover art, which no longer seems to make an appearance in reviews anymore, is brilliant!  It is a simple Mayan sketch, which pays homage to Mexico, where Pablo Gonzalez Sarre comes from.  The six tracks are 1966, 2 D 3, Soliloquio, Cucu Yaya, Naufrago, and I Can’t See You Know.

Although the tracks on this CD are original, they have a familiar feel to them for me.   I am reminded of some African melodies I heard as a child when I listen to Cucu Yaya, one of the tracks of this CD.  Other tracks have a flavor of some straight ahead jazz records recorded by New York jazz luminaries.  I also hear the restraint of a seasoned professional in Gonzalez Sarre bass lines and solos.  His solos show his broad musical and technical vocabulary.  However, Pablo makes it clear that there is a lot more left in his bag of musical and technical tricks.

Pablo Gonzalez Sarre also selflessly features his sidemen on this CD.  This is in keeping with his generous and humble spirit.  The sidemen on Soliloquio are world-class musicians who play with an amazing facility and command of their respective instruments.   They share the same sensitivity and restraint that Pablo shows throughout Soliloqio.

Sometimes, there are recordings that make you think about the recording process when you listen to them.  Other times, there are recordings that make you focus on a player as you listen.  This is not one of those recordings.  This CD will have you listening to the entire band, not worrying about how well rehearsed they are or how they mic’d the drums.   Instead you’ll be left in enjoyment of the whole while appreciating the parts at the same time.

Pablo Gonzalez Sarre’s CD, Soliloqio, is a six song tour de force.  The beautiful thing about it is that there are no “filler” tracks.  Each track makes a clear and compelling statement.  The listener’s time is not ever wasted.  By the end, the listener is left wanting to hear more, which is how the best performances should end.

CD Review - Soliloquio, By Bassist Pablo Gonzalez Sarre-2

Pablo Gonzalez Sarre and his band perform the songs on his CD with the utmost precision.   Each note played by each instrument is perfectly placed, while the feel of the songs is never sacrificed.   Clearly, Pablo Gonzalez Sarre and his master musicians have an unusual amount of chemistry between them.   Something hot is cooking south of the border, down Mexico way.  I am looking forward to hear more!

Soliloquio is available at all music download locations like CD BabyAmazon, iTunes, etc.  Pablo Gonzalez Sarre can be found on InstagramTwitter and on Facebook.

Pablo Gonzalez Sarre endorses Fodera bass guitars.


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