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BASS LINES by Jaime David Vazquez – “Grooving the Inversions”

Jaime David VazquezBASS LINES by Jaime David Vazquez – “Grooving the Inversions”…

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing! Welcome to BASS LINES – “Grooving the inversions.”

According to the definition of, inversion (in music), is the rearrangement of the top-to-bottom elements in an interval, a chord, a melody, or a group of contrapuntal lines of music. The inversion of chords and intervals is utilized for various purposes, e.g., to create a melodic bass line or (with certain chords) to modulate to a new key.

To invert a chord or an interval is to rearrange its notes so that the original bottom note becomes an upper note.

For example:

Fig. 1 – An example with the C chord in Root Position (C-E-G); 1ST Inversion (E-G-C) and the 2nd Inversion (G-C-E).

Grooving the inversions - Fig1

Fig. 2 – A latin fusion groove using the Root Position and the 1ST Inversion:

Grooving the inversions - Fig2

AMaj7 – Root Position

E/G# – 1ST Inversion

GMaj7 – Root Position

DMaj7/F# – 1ST Inversion

Fig. 3 – A rock bass line using the Root Position and the 2nd Inversion:

Grooving the inversions - Fig3

Ab – Root Position

Cm/G – 2ND Inversion

Fig. 4 – A very interesting 6×8 groove using the Root Position, the 1st Inversion and the 2nd Inversion:

Grooving the inversions - Fig4

Dm7 – Root Position

Gm/D – 2ND Inversion

Gm/Bb – 1ST Inversion

Stay tuned for more great stuff in the next issue and keep in touch with #fullbassattack and #bassmusicianmag. Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment.


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