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Brad Russell releases The Daily Shred EP

Brad-Russell-Daily-Shred-300x300At first, you’d think that bassist Brad Russell has an identity crisis. After all, Russell’s bass has a Kahler Whammy installed that he’s not afraid to use, as well as the amount of jaw-dropping technique and precision that he employs on a regular basis. And while his latest EP, The Daily Shred, is a showcase for his killer lead chops, it also showcases a solid foundation of groove, especially with the drummers Gregg Bissonette and Jason Furman.

There is a lot of musical ground covered in this album. Whether you’re catching your breath from the reckless abandon of Waooww! or bobbing your head to the groove in Wichita Lineman, Russell uses the “lead bass” as your tour guide through this musical landscape, effortlessly navigating between tapping, harmonics, chording and just solid grooves. While Russell is definitely at home in the lead role, there is no mistaking that the relationship between bassist and drummer is of utmost importance. Sure, Russell shreds but it’s all locked in – HARD – with the drummer. Especially with a song like Chick Corea’s “Spain,” the relationship between the bass and drums is rock solid.

The Daily Shred from Brad Russell is a great EP that covers a lot of sonic territory, virtuoso technique and genres. Tying it together is the foundation between the bass and drums, which provide a solid foundation for Russell’s lead lines to soar at times, and really lock in the groove at others. For those musicians looking for an album that showcases what you can do with the electric bass when you’re not bound by any constraints, The Daily Shred will provide plenty of inspiration.

The Daily Shred Track Listing:
1. Waooww!
2. Thick of It
3. Shyboy
4. Wichita Lineman
5. King Edward
6. Spain

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