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Schecter Model-T Session-5 5-String Bass Review

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Schecter Model-T Session-5 5-String Bass Review

schecter MODEL-T SESSION-5 review

Schecter Model-T Session-5 5-String Bass Review

In 2015, Schecter released the Model-T Session 4-string bass (review). It would stand to reason, with the classic vibe and feel of that bass, that Schecter would release a 5-string version. Finally, it is here, the Schecter Model-T Session-5! If you have already checked out the 4-string version of the Model-T, then you know exactly what to expect in the 5-string version. If you haven’t, then I highly recommend that you check them both out. This bass is comfortable to play sitting or standing. The swamp ash body with its aged natural satin finish with black pickguard and black hardware, really makes this bass pleasing to the eye.

One of the features that definitely stands out for me on the Schecter Model-T Session-5 as well as the 4-string is the maple fingerboard with ebony side blocks that extend down to the A string on the 5-string. This makes it extremely easy to view where you are at on the neck, even in the lowest light settings. The neck is maple with a thin ‘C’ shape, which makes even bassists like me with smaller hands, very easy to reach across and a very fast neck with a 12” radius.

The Schecter custom bridge allows you to run the strings through the body or to top load on the bridge itself, and the nut is the Graph TechXL black tusq. Rounding out hardware on the bass are the Schecter tuners. Strings are Ernie Ball 5-string super long #2850.

The combination of the swamp ash body with the bolt-on maple neck and fingerboard really helps to set the beautiful tone this bass puts forth. To push that even further, it is equipped with an EMG LJ bridge pickup and an EMG P5 neck pickup, being able to satisfy both Jazz and P bass style bassists – 18 volts supply power to the 2 band EMG active EQ with volume, blend, and a stacked tone control.

The Schecter Model-T Session-5 5 String Bass is a great addition to any bass collection no matter how large or small. Scheduler prides itself on being a family company that strives to make great quality basses (and guitars!) ready to play right from the day they leave the Schecter facilities.

Check out the Schecter Model-T Session-5 5-String Bass at a music retailer near you!

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