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Bass Musician Magazine Interviews Peter Fand On Tour with Cirque Du Soleil’s KOOZA

Bass Musician Magazine Interviews Peter Fand On Tour with Cirque Du Soleil's KOOZA

Photo Credit: Ghislain Ramage

You have seen Peter Fand featured here at Bass Musician Magazine, when we went on-location in Las Vegas for an interview backstage from Cirque Du Soleil’s ZARKANA:

Peter is currently on tour with Cirque Du Soleil’s KOOZA:

We caught up with him on-location from Chile this past week to find out more about the show, as well as music updates with his band.

PETER Shares His KOOZA Tour Rig:

As you know I’m a big Sadowsky fan, and was using one of Roger’s basses in Zarkana. On this tour though, I decided to go back to my roots, and brought along two American made Fender 5-String Jazz basses. I’ve always had Fender Jazz basses in my arsenal, and still go back to my 1968 4-string Jazz bass often, which I think of as my home instrument; kind of like the comfort food of my basses. That being said, this is a 5-string gig, and I’ve been really enjoying playing my Jazz basses here. It suits the music, and these are both really fun instruments to play.

I’m also playing all of the upright parts on a Yamaha Silent bass, which is a rather nice sounding electric upright. I also travel with my NS-CR4 electric upright, which is for hotel practice. In the hotel, I carry a Phil Jones Cub amp, which is an ideal little amp for travel. It’s so light, fits in my luggage, sounds great, and has great features for practice with headphones, etc.

Also, for the purposes of this tour, which is going in and out of so many different environments and climates, I’m using a Metropolitan carbon fiber bow, by David Gage. I love this bow, which feels great, seems to have the perfect balance for me, and is a rock, that never moves, regardless of environmental conditions.

Photo Credit: Ghislain Ramage

Photo Credit: Ghislain Ramage

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