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Marcus Miller M7 Sire Bass Review

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Marcus Miller M7 Sire Bass Review

Marcus Miller M7 Sire Bass Review
Marcus Miller M7 Sire Bass Review – A great bass designed by Sire and the great legendary bassist Marcus Miller. Marcus and Sire want everyone to enjoy playing bass and want to give you the best high quality bass at an affordable price. Well, they have done it. The Marcus Miller M7 Sire Bass is just one of the basses from Sire in collaboration with Marcus Miller that truly accomplishes their goals.

The Sire M7 sent for this review has a solid hard maple top with ash body; an alder body is available in this model as well. The body has a modern shape to it, very comfortable and it allows freedom of access to the 24th fret. The bolt-on neck is hard maple with a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard, with a C shape and 12” radius. The neck is fast, sleek and very comfortable to play. While most basses at this price point have a tendency to do cost cutting on parts, the M7 does not do that. For example, one of the important features of any bass, albeit very small, is the nut. Sire has opted to add a bone nut of very high quality.

Electronics include the Sire and Marcus Miller designed humbucker pickups for the neck and bridge positions, and the Marcus Miller Heritage-3 18volt preamp. There are endless options for the preamp, from being able to choose settings for each humbucker to being able to run in settings such as single, humbucker, and serial-parallel, with these options being selected by a separate toggle switch for each pickup.

There is a third toggle switch that allows you to switch between active and passive. The passive features are not like most basses that have active/passive options. While in passive mode, you still have control over the volume, tone, and balance. The controls are a stacked volume/tone control, balance, treble, stacked mid boost cut control with frequency control and bass.

All of the hardware is Sire specific and includes the Marcus Miller Heavy Mass2 Bridge. The Mass2 allows the body to get full resonation from the strings for a really rich tone.

And, there’s more! I need to point out that the truss rod cover and the back plate on the body are also made of wood. All of these features give the Marcus Miller M7 that premium look and sound without the premium price. It also comes with a nicely padded gig bag, which has pockets and plenty of room for cables, tuner, etc.

So, I bet by now you are wondering, how does it play and how does it sound? I find it really hard to believe that a bass that looks this great and sounds exceptionally well both live AND in the studio, does not carry a high-end, premium price! It is one of the cleanest recording basses I have come across in quite some time. Add to that a multitude of options for tones; from the active or passive sides of the bass to the pickup combinations that you can have. Honestly, the Marcus Miller M7 Sire Bass stacks up with the best of them. Sire and Marcus Miller, as I said before, set out to accomplish a goal, and that is for all of us to have a very high quality bass at an affordable price; mission accomplished!

You owe it to yourself, your fingers, your eyes and ears to check out the Marcus Miller M7 Sire Bass and the other great Sire Marcus Miller basses!

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