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Review: Colin Trusedell – Quartet of Jazz Death Vol 2

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Review: Colin Trusedell – Quartet of Jazz Death Vol 2

Colin Trusedell - Quartet of Jazz Death Vol 2

Review: Colin Trusedell – Quartet of Jazz Death Vol 2…

I had the opportunity to interview bassist Colin Trusedell last November while we were on location in Northern New Mexico.

Among the many things we discussed, Colin mentioned an upcoming project with his Funk and Fusion group, The Quartet of Jazz Death. Now, it is finally here and titled “Quartet of Jazz Death Vol 2”!

This CD is loaded with eleven original compositions and Colin lays down a fat groove with his electric bass instead of his trusty upright. There is an interesting use of polyphonic octave effects and SUPER SYNTH bass sounds!  The band really pushes the envelope and the tunes themselves display a wide variety. My understanding is that the band spent over a year polishing these tunes before recording them and the end product is tight and highly refined.

Lets have a closer look at some of the tracks.

We begin with “The Opener”. I always think it is a good idea to get your audiences attention from the start and this track does just that. We are introduced to a rather ethereal, “Mars Attacks” kind of piece with lovely piano and synth opening. The drums and modified bass kick in the Funk and it is over just as it has you sucked right in.

“Pimp Sizzle” is next in line and picks up after the first track and runs in an entirely different  musical direction. Electric guitar and bass interplay with the drums and keys and I think this would be a perfect soundtrack for a high-wire act. This track has a solid bass octave solo mid-tune that gives Colin a chance to cut loose and show you his chops.

“Clean Slate” takes another approach with a more classical display. Opening with a timpani, synth voices and horns, this track invokes an image of majesty that reminds me of some of “Queen’s” work in “Flash Gordon”. The tune progresses with a strutting Funk feel and gives the band members a chance to shine individually.

“You Didn’t Know”, featuring Krista Joyce and Demoh, is track number 4 and the official music video for this CD. This piece blends the Funk with Rap! In addition to the excellent music, the video is very well done with some really cool aerial views (Drone at work) and creative editing. I especially liked seeing Colin do his thing on his custom Roscoe LG-3005 and pedal board.

I think you get the general idea here. “Quartet of Jazz Death Vol 2” is a work of daring musical  expression that takes liberties that pay off big time. For us bass fans, there is a generous amount of juicy bass and well used effects.

“Quartet of Jazz Death Vol 2” is categorized as Jazz but I feel it really expands beyond the scope of regular Jazz. Creative use of sounds, rhythms, vocals, acrobatic solos and a fearless experimental spirit apply funk and fusion to a wide variety of feels make this CD most unique and something to experience.

This CD will be available worldwide on August 5, 2016… mark your calendar and get your very own copy at

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