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Music Nomad Takes Peg Winders to the Next Level

MusicNomad Equipment Care Changing strings just got a whole lot easier, safer and FUN! Music Nomad introduces two patent pending string changing tools – GRIP Peg Winder and GRIP Bit Winder.

The GRIP Peg Winder’s innovative GRIP technology covers both the outside and inside of the peg winder head with a specially designed durable rubber that smoothly and silently slips over your tuning pegs for a scratch and noise free operation compared to traditional plastic peg winders. The contoured design fits and grips virtually all tuning pegs both big and small. The narrow profile makes for smooth winding and keeps you from hitting close fitted pegs on 12 string and electric guitars. In addition, it has an innovative dual bearing system designed into the handle that make a silent, effortless and super-fast winding experience. The comfortable grip won’t slip and is ergonomically designed. Gary Brawer of Brawer Repair says, “It’s way nicer than anything out there. It’s nice and smooth and feels solid gripping the tuners. I haven’t found a tuner yet it does not fit.” It’s perfect for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and orchestral strings.


The GRIP Bit Winder is a drill bit that attaches to any power drill or cordless screwdriver.  It has the same peg winding head as the GRIP Peg Winder for a universal, safe and scratch free experience. The GRIP Bit’s high quality carbon steel shaft makes it extremely durable. Rand Rognlien, Owner and Chief Product Designer at Music Nomad says, “Every day we look for the best solutions to problems that musicians, techs and repair shops face when taking care of their gear. Peg winders were one area that was calling for innovation in many ways.” This could be the last string winder you purchase, so don’t lose it or loan it, you’ll look forward to the next time you change your strings.

GRIP Peg Winder (MN221) retails between $14.99 – $16.99. GRIP Bit Winder (MN220) retails between $9.99 and $11.99. Available December 2016.

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