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Review – Ultimate Ears UE MegaBoom

Early 2015, at the NAMM show,  I was introduced to the Ultimate Ears Products and I was completely blown away by their quality, attributes as well as presentation, from their UE Pro In-Ear Monitors to the UE Boom. (Check out previous reviews – Reviews Ultimate Ears In-ear Reference Monitors and Ultimate Ears Pro 11, Designed for Bass Players)

Recently, I acquired a UE MegaBoom (UE Booms Bigger, badder, better brother). This cylindrical 360 degree speaker is one of the absolute best-sounding, best-designed portable Bluetooth sound systems.


The first thing that caught my attention was the UE MegaBooms smart, slick design. The rounded shape throws sound in a wider arc than the forward-facing drivers found in the all of the standard square shaped speakers; it is a much bigger, much louder, and much better-sounding UE Boom.

Even though It weighs just under two pounds, it has a very deep, low-end. Since I am a bass player I consider it vital for my Bluetooth speaker to have a deep, clear low end, as well as pristine highs and “cut through the mix” mids.

Also, one very welcome upgrade is that the MegaBoom is fully IPX7 certified. That means protected against water immersion; immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

Regarding battery life, A fully charged MegaBoom can play music nonstop for about 23 hours. That was the result of my test.

I heard many complaints regarding Bluetooth speakers… how bad the sound quality, that the sound gets overly compressed, etc., however, I have nothing bad to say about the UE MegaBoom. It is a very innovative speaker. I listened to almost any kind of music (From Marcus Miller, to Prodigy, from Adele to Mozart)  through that speaker and I am extremely impressed with it. When I wanted to play with the EQ of the song you can use the UE MegaBooms app, which is available for Android as well as iOS.  UE also added some extra fun factors on the app, like the “alarm feature” as well as the ability to power up the speaker using just your phone.

Eventually I want to get one more so I can use the “Double up feature,” which lets you join a multiple MegaBooms, running them as a pair or as a left / right channel configuration.

All this for a little bit more than $250, I guarantee that you will be impressed with the UE MegaBoom, since it has a clever waterproof as well as shockproof design, excellent battery life and its projects excellent sound quality.

Available in charcoal, blue, lava and plum.

For more information on the UE MegaBoom, please visit

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