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Review – Cog Effects T-47 Analogue Octave Pedal


Review – Cog Effects T-47 Analogue Octave Pedal

Until now, I have not seen, nor even heard of an octave pedal that allows you to switch between two different octave settings, that is until now. With the release of the T-47 Analogue Octave Pedal from Cog Effects all that is now possible.

The T-47 is real simple to use, yet sturdy in design with the great looking spider web design on the all aluminum casing. Now it is possible to get what you need without having to lug around a couple of different octave pedals.

The Cog Effects T-47 Analogue Octave Pedal is true bypass and has a toggle switch to engage and an A/B toggle switch that allows you to switch between the different octave settings. The controls are Down, which is the amount of octave, Filter which changes the tone of the octave, and Clean, which allows you to mix your clean signal with the octave. When the A/B toggle switch is engaged, it engages what I would call the second row of the octave pedal, as there are a separate set of Down, Filter, and Clean controls for each effects on the pedal.

Tracking is very precise, even down to the lower range of a 4 string bass. I like the way the filter controls the tone and the pedal itself really seems to give out a synth type vibe. It is very cool to be able to setup to different octave settings and be able to switch between them without having to change controls. It didn’t matter how slowly or fast I played, it kept right up with me.

The Cog Effects T-47 also seems to go really well with a fuzz pedal too.

Check out the Cog Effects T-47 Analogue Octave pedal at available direct from cog!


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