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Review – Hal Leonard’s Bassist Guide to Scales Over Chords by Chad Johnson

scales-over-chordsOne of the most recent releases from Hal Leonard is the Bassist Guide to Scales Over Chords by Chad Johnson.

This release starts out covering everything from basic scale review of major, pentatonic, minor scales and their shapes and then dives into diatonic harmony, harmonizing scales, key signatures, to use of chord tones, arpeggios, and using scale tones to fill in the gaps. Applying scales to what chords are being used is also covered, as is and explanation of chord inversions. Later on, Chad covers modes and their applications, especially applying them over a single chord vamp, non-diatonic progressions, and modal progressions.

Use of seventh chords and their extensions, like 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths, and using notes between notes in the scale and how to resolving the passing tones. Hal Leonard’s Bassist Guide to Scales Over Chords by Chad Johnson also has accompanying audio available for download from Hal Leonard with well over 100 examples to practice along with. While the Bassist Guide to Scales Over Chords can also add a variety of notes to your groove, this is also a great book to use to get started on bass soloing.

Check out Hal Leonard’s Bassist Guide to Scales Over Chords by Chad Johnson at or a Music Retailer near you!

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