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“Time On My Hands”, Debut Album by Bass Player Brendan Rothwell

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“Time On My Hands”, Debut Album by Bass Player Brendan Rothwell

“Time On My Hands”, Debut Album by Bass Player Brendan Rothwell

Leadership is the underlying and pervasive theme in the release of this debut album by Calgary bass player, Brendan Rothwell.

PR – The depth of musical theory, content and detail that has gone into this work is evident, and somewhat rare to hear in much of today’s other music.


In his debut album, Brendan brings to life the voice and melodic qualities of the bass, both acoustic and electric, refusing to remain only in the foundation and shadows of a track.

Brendan Rothwell is an accomplished composer, bass player, and producer, who has been playing music since the age of 2. As a young child, he slept under the piano as his Mom accompanied other professional musicians. At the age of 6, Brendan gained a choral scholarship to the Song School of York Minster (UK) and his formal education in music began.

“Tutu”, the 1986 album from Miles Davis, was the driving force and as Brendan describes it “a trigger” for his choice to play the bass. The technique, impact and feeling that the great Marcus Miller demonstrated on this album with his own musical mentor, was enough to solidify the decision for Brendan that the bass was his instrumental calling.

Brendan believes in bucking the trend of the bass being in the background, preferring to optimize the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the instrument. His playing demonstrates meaning and depth, and reaction to his music often reflects astonishment from the listener in the capability of the bass.

Brendan’s career has continually involved the art of business and leadership, with his music being a shining example. Inspiration has taken many forms, from the words of Joseph Grenny, to the leadership strength and wisdom of Simon Sinek, and further in the bass notes and approaches of Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, and Marcus Miller.

Brendan has also hosted many musical events in Calgary, often including additional talent from around the globe, and can be found regularly in venues around the city.

Brendan’s ability to tell different stories with the instrument is clear, particularly in the album’s title track, inspired by the province and country he now proudly calls his adoptive home. The addition of spoken word in the final track evokes a conversation between voice and bass that is unique, ultimately closing out the album and laying the bass to rest after 7 tracks of melody, funk and energy.

This album is a work that is dedicated to key influencers in Brendan’s life. People to whom he is deeply thankful and for whom he has lasting respect.

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