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Year Of Bass Amplification – David Nordschow

Bass Amplification Spotlight

Year Of Bass Amplification – David Nordschow

Year Of Bass Amplification – David Nordschow

After the highly successful, “2016 Year of the Luthier” celebration, Bass Musician wanted to continue the tradition of recognizing the people that make our industry great… welcome to 2017 and the “Year of Bass Amplification!”

Kicking off the festivities, we are thrilled to bring you an expert and pioneer in the field, David Nordschow, Founder and CEO of David Nordschow Amplification. (For more of David’s incredible history in the industry, check out

Year of Bass Amplification - David Nordschow Amplification 1

In the first video, David talks us through the details of the DNA 800 Head, as well as the DNS 112 & DNS 210 cabs.

In the second video, I provide sound samples of this gear in action.

For more information about David Nordschow Amplification and where you can find some of this excellent gear, visit online at


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