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Eden Announces Two New Professional Bass Cabinets, the P1515X and P1510X

Eden Announces Two New Professional Bass Cabinets, the P1515X and P1510X

Eden have announced two new cabinets which have already generated a bit of a buzz in the bass playing community.

The new P-Series P1515X and P1510X cabinets are designed to take some common cabinet stack configurations and deliver them in one cabinet that is easy to transport.

The P1515X combines two mighty 15″ XLT drivers in a single cabinet. This design provides extreme low-mid drive and thundering bass rumble. Perfect for blasts of bass power that literally move a room!

The P1510X combines a single 15″ XLT driver with a pair of 10″ XST drivers in a single cabinet. Together, these speakers create a carefully balanced sound. Powerful low-mid rumble comes from the 15″, and the most extreme high and low bass frequencies are projected by the 10″ duo, adding a spark of clarity and punch.

XLT and XST are Eden’s two styles of speakers that are voiced slightly differently. XLT models are designed to offer high efficiency low response, whereas XST cabinets offer a more rounded and slightly smoother sound.

Just like the professional D-Series cabinets, the P-Series use speakers manufactured by Eminence in the USA to Eden’s exclusive designs and the cabinets are hand-built in England.

Both units have power handling ratings of 800W, with 4 ohm or 8 ohm variants available. These new P-Series cabinets are ideal for medium to large gigs. For a complete Eden rig, they suit being paired with a WTP600. Each cabinet will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity signed by the production team and Eden design team. These products will be limited to just 40 units per model worldwide.

You can find out more about the cabinets on Eden’s website:

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