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Philipp Rehm’s “The Philbum“

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Philipp Rehm’s “The Philbum“

Philipp Rehm’s “The Philbum“

“The Philbum“ by Berlin born and Dutch based bass player and producer Philipp Rehm is the summation of a unique approach of combining innovative beats and odd time measures with funk and dancehall.

Phil puts virtuos electric, synthetic and acoustic bass sounds on top and together with famous German drummer Ralf Gustke, Sting’s percussion player Rhani Krija and two more percussion players from Brazil and Germany; they are kicking grooves, features and battles. Seven other artists join them in this special beat-and-bass-odyssey and on “Septivity“ Phil features Indian singer and actress Pallavi Arun from Bangalore.

The album had reviews in all major German bass and drum magazines and has been chosen “Album Of The Month“ by drum magazine STICKS. Phil had been described as a “rebel on bass“, a “world class artist“ and “real virtuoso who knows all the tricks“ with a “unique style of beats and sounds“. Phil has been chosen “Germany‘s Superbassplayer 2004“ by bassmagazine “Bassprofessor“, is also a sideman for various pop-, rock-, and jazz-artists and releases own albums in various projects.

From the preproduction to the first recordings and overdub-sessions in various studios, bass-recordings in the Belgian forests and the final mixing, Phil had put a lot of dedication into this project. He performs the material live in several formations and just played at the biggest German drum-and-bass-festival in Dresden. He uses this material also in workshops and at the online-live-broadcasted music academy ONLINELESSONS-TV. He is endorser for Dingwall Guitars, Markbass and Hoefner.

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