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Bassist Tim Black… Forevermore by Off The Realm

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Bassist Tim Black… Forevermore by Off The Realm

Bassist Tim Black… Forevermore by Off The Realm

America and UK Unite over Song and Book Launch!

Alpha Stigmata Records announces the release of Forevermore by Off The Realm. This is goth rock and London punk; it’s a metal infused explosion by the band, which has been adopted as the new award-winning British book series Rebel Vampires’ Theme Song!

Described by listeners as: ‘gothic sound with an urban, mechanical edge and dark, emotional lyrics that grab you and don’t let go.

It’s beautiful in a goose bumps way. This is my new favorite band. Highly recommend. It’s rare to fall in love with a band the first time you hear their music.’ 5*

Forevermore was inspired by the bestselling British fantasy author: Rosemary A. Johns.

“Light” is the main vampire character in her new Rebel Vampires series. The video contains all the dark and glory of the novels: Light’s journey through World War One, 1960s London and the side the tourists never see. It’s beautiful and frightening: a love song for LONDON. ‘Your redemption, your slave/ I submit to you/ But never to these laws of man…’

Rosemary A. Johns commented…

“As a music fanatic, it was going to take one blinding band and one awesome song to get my blessing. Somewhere between Linkin Park, Kings of Leon and Nothing But Thieves..? Yeah, OFF THE REALM is my new favourite band too.” Visit blog post: SPECIAL EDITION VAMPIRE THEME SONG – Forevermore London Bound

About OFF THE REALM band:

Off The Realm band is based in the USA. Artist Tim Black, primarily an electric bass guitar player, is the brainchild behind the band. Tim Black has said, “I’ve been intrigued by the city of London, England all my life…basically I’m in love with the city: the people, the history and mainly its Pop Culture. As a teenager, in small town America, my future wife resided in London, unknown to me at the time.”

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