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Bass Book – Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol2. Miles Davis Play-Along

Bass Book – Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol2. Miles Davis Play-Along

Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol2 features popular tracks from Miles Davis.

There are ten songs included and with the new series of Real Book multi-tracks, you can adjust the mix for bass, drums, piano, and trumpet. The lead sheets included are for C instruments in treble clef, Bb instruments in treble clef, Eb instruments in treble clef, and C instruments in bass clef. This is great, especially if you play another instrument beside bass. All of the charts for the tunes have time and key signature, chord changes, and notation.

The ten songs included are Blue in Green, Boplicity, Four, Freddie Freeloader, Milestones, Nardis, Seven Steps to Heaven, SO What, Solar, and Walkin’. The is available from the Hal Leonard Library and the code is included with the book for access. The audio mix can only be controlled online, and there is a stereo mix available for download. With the online audio, you can control the speed, set loops, remove the bass, or any other instruments from the mix, and play along with click.

Be sure to check out Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol2. Miles Davis Play-Along!

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