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Review – TC Electronic Spectra Comp Bass Compressor

Review – TC Electronic Spectra Comp Bass Compressor

A review of the TC Electronic Spectra Comp Bass Compressor

Just when you thought using a bass compressor was a rigorous task, getting the exact amount of compression you want for any style of music you want, along comes the TC Electronic Spectra Comp Bass Compressor to help lighten the load of trying to find the right combination. It really cannot get any easier or simpler than this. One footswitch and one knob, all in a compact design, yet extremely powerful, and with multiband compression, giving you the studio quality you can expect from the fine line of TC Electronics products.

How does the Spectra Comp do all of this with just one knob? Toneprint!

There are tone prints that were designed by such great artists as Federico Malaman, Ida Nielsen, Janek Gwizdal, Nathan East, and many more. There are also multiple tone prints created by the TC Electronic gurus. Toneprint works by loading the toneprint you want on your iPhone or Android device using the free Toneprint app and then beaming transfers the tone through your pickups. You can also transfer tones using the included USB cable and transfer from your PC or MAC.

This is great for live situations; being able to dial in the exact amount of compression I wanted was a breeze with just one knob and definitely holds it’s own in the compression arena. Transferring the tone I wanted was quick and easy, with it being so quick, I was even able to transfer in between songs, taking only a few seconds.

Check out the TC Electronic Spectra Comp Bass Compressor online or at a music retailer near you!

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