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Aram Bedrosian Releases A Dark Light

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Aram Bedrosian Releases A Dark Light

Aram Bedrosian Releases A Dark Light

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With over 25,000 YouTube subscribers, Aram Bedrosian’s melodic and dazzling solo compositions have moved  listeners everywhere.

The original performance of the song “A Dark Light” has been watched over ten million times:

And he has been the #1 Google video result for “bass guitar solo” for many years.

Now it is officially being released as part of a definitive collection of beloved, intense, and innovative pieces on this long-awaited follow-up to the self-titled debut, which has earned international acclaim:

“In a world that has been so lucky to hear the innovations of Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, and Les Claypool, the performances on this album are no less significant in their brilliant, technical radiance.” 

-Northeast Performer Magazine

“Bedrosian’s hidden treasures are twofold: first, he summons a rich, deep, almost instantly signature tone on everything he plays, enhancing difficult material with a clarity and warmth that goes easy on the ears; second, great care and patience is taken to develop melodies and classically-influenced chord progressions, and after the third listen to “Space Opera” and “Sand Castle,” you discover that beneath the virtuosic surface of Aram Bedrosian lurks the heart of a budding composer.”

-Bass Player Magazine

“Beautiful work.” 

-Michael Manring, legendary soloist

Select shows planned for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018.

Aram Bedrosian’s A Dark Light is available online at

Visit online at


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