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Dmitry Lisenko Releases New Solo Album “Minimalist”

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Dmitry Lisenko Releases New Solo Album “Minimalist”

Dmitry Lisenko Releases New Solo Album “Minimalist”

Bassist Dmitry Lisenko has Releases a new bass solo album “Minimalist”…

This solo album has 10 tracks and is fully recorded with acoustic bass. One track features Michael Manring, and another has a bonus track from Dmitry’s project Karmafree.

Minimalism is the practice of making space for the things you value most in life, by removing the excess that distracts you from happiness. In other words : The Less is More.

Today in our world we have so much stuff that we don’t use, we spend so much time on the things we don’t need, we just keep buying and buying in a continued cycle of consumerism. Such a way of life not only leads us into depression, but also keeps us in a life-long trap.

Dmitry is a minimalism philosophy follower and has stated that life becomes much easier, enjoyable and stress free. Getting out of the un-needed things and wants gives us a lot more free time and clarity.

This album reflects that; it’s fully recorded with only single acoustic bass, with no extra effects, loops or over production. The album cover is as simple as possible. Each song has a meaning and you can read about it under each track.

Available in digital download; no CD’s, vinyls or cassettes, just pure music.



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