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Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro In-Ear Monitors and UE Pro Sound Tap Personal Monitoring DI Box

Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro In-Ear Monitors and UE Pro Sound Tap Personal Monitoring DI Box

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What a great combination of two products from UE Pro!

The Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro is a custom In-Ear monitor made to fit your ears. I went through the process of having UE take a scan of my ears for the custom fit, which is nothing short of perfect and very comfortable. The clarity of the UE 4 Pro is remarkable and quite affordable.

The In-Ear monitor has two frequencies, one for highs and mids, and one for bass with a 2-way passive crossover. If you look closely at the UE 4 Pro, you will notice there are two holes bored for output into your ear, keeping the highs, mids, and lows in perfect audio order. While the UE 4 Pro is geared towards session musicians and those that do home recording, these are very well suited for stage, and just about any application imaginable. I even like to use them with my iPad or iPhone when listening to any type of audio recording.

One thing that has always concerned me, especially with more expensive In-Ear monitors or even high-end headphones has been cable replacement. I have a very expensive set of studio headphones, that if the cable gets shot or needs to be replaced, I’m out of luck; either pay a lot to get them repaired or fork out some cash for another set. With the UE 4 Pro In-Ear monitors, the cables can be easily replaced, and this is true for all of the In-Ear monitors offered by UE Pro. There are also other options such as color and the ambient feature for stage use, to a custom case with your name and cable lengths. Also offered are different levels of In-Ear monitors from stage, to studio, and for audiophiles. UE Pro also includes a cleaning tool with all custom fit In-Ear monitors.

There are a wide range of artists that have used UE In-Ear monitors, including Alice Cooper, B-52s, to Peter Gabriel and many more. Check out the small sample lists of over 100,000 here! If you really want to hear the best of your mix that you can, you definitely need to check out the Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro or any of the other In-Ear monitors from Ultimate Ears that would fit your specific needs.

A great pairing with the Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro In-Ear monitors is the UE Pro Sound Tap personal monitoring DI box.

With the UE Pro Sound Tap personal monitoring DI box you can use speaker inputs from the monitor mix with either speak on or 1/4” speaker cables or choose the XLR input and output. The output of either does not need to be connected unless you need to connect to another UE Pro Sound Tap Personal Monitoring DI Box or stage monitor, etc. There is a toggle switch selector to choose between the speaker and XLR connections. There are controls for volume and gain with level indicators.

The UE Pro Sound Tap is powered by two 9-volt batteries, which does warn you when batteries are getting low. It can also be mounted on a mic stand. Headphones connect to the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The DI box is very basic with ease of operation. It can also be daisy-chained as well either for a full band or even a choir where everyone has control over how much volume they get with the In-Ear monitors. The UE Sound Tap also comes with a 3.5mm headphone extension cable, speakon to 1/4″ speaker cable, and XLR male to 1/4” cable.

With any of the Ultimate Ears In-Ear monitors and the UE Pro Sound Tap personal monitoring DI box, you have the perfect combination for any performance, allowing all participants to hear what they need to hear to give your audience the performance they deserve.

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