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CD Review – Tryptonyx by Victor Wooten

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CD Review – Tryptonyx by Victor Wooten

CD Review – Tryptonyx by Victor Wooten

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It has been five years since we ave heard a CD from Victor Wooten and it takes about 15 seconds of track two (DC10) for this one to knock you on your butt.

Lightning speed, absolute precision, serious attack and musical depth are all to be found in just that small portion. I will clarify that track one is a kind of introduction announcing the trio, Victor on bass, Denis Chambers on drums and Bob Franceschini on woodwinds, and the music really starts on track two. Needless to say, these guys are beasts! It is amazing how much music three guys can generate and you can tell they had a blast in the process. Part of the fun was inserting sound bits (Voice sounds done by Michael Winslow of movies Police Academy, Space Balls, etc. fame) to accentuate the concept that this recording is taking you on a voyage.

Musically, this recording offers a sweet blend of Jazz/Fusion, Funk, Rock and Ballads and offers a profound message to make you think (and perhaps be a better person for having listened). I have referred to Victor as a ‘Guru’ in a previous interview and this CD only furthers this sentiment!

The arrangements are intricate, the interaction between the musicians is fluid and each track makes you wonder what can they have in store next. As always, Victor’s bass work is a real treat and will drive you back to the woodshed to see if you can try to get better. That said, there are a lot of juicy, meaty musical treats for drum and horn fans too.

This work is more of an experience and you are fortunate to be able to receive its’ gifts. I must simply tell you that you have to give this a listen and make sure it is in your collection.

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