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Interview with Marco Mendoza – Live & Louder


Interview with Marco Mendoza – Live & Louder

Interview with Marco Mendoza – Live & Louder

Marco Mendoza, who has worked with such greats as Bill Ward, Blue Murder with John Sykes, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, Lynch Mod, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, and others, is now with the Dead Daises.

To say that Marco’s career has been less than great would be an understatement! Not only is Marco well known as a great rock bassist, he also has a solo career that excels as well with his trio. The latest release from the Dead Daises is nothing less than spectacular, and includes Doug Aldrich on Guitar, John Corabi on vocals and acoustic guitar, David Lowly on guitar, Brian Tichy on drums, and of course, Marco Mendoza on bass.

I had the opportunity to see the Dead Daises on tour when they came to Nashville and they are bringing back classic rock the way it should be. The album Live & Louder has sixteen songs, some being covers like Helter Skelter, Fortunate Son, American Band, and Join Together, along with originals from the band that fit right in. The live show they put on is very high energy, and I actually didn’t have a chance to listen to the album until a few weeks after the show, and I have to say, the album reflects the same high energy that the live show did, which to myself is totally amazing. Get the Live & Louder album from the Dead Daises, sit back, close your eyes and listen, and it’s the closest thing to the live show without you being there.

Another highlight from Marco is that he is recording another solo album while the Dead Daises are on break, followed up by some European dates, then back in the studio in Nashville in November and December with the Dead Daises. I had a chance to speak with Marco recently and here is what he had to share with us!

(Marco) For me, we are winding down with the Dead Daises, and it’s been a great year for us supporting Live & Louder. We did a bunch of European dates, including some of the bigger festivals like Download and Hellfest. We also did some headline shows in Europe that sold out. Our last date was September 2nd at the Harley Davidson Rally in Milwaukee. I’m having a blast with the Dead Daises, it’s a great band and we are definitely turning some heads out there.

There’s a lot of talent in this band and we’re looking forward to getting back into the studio in November and December to get another studio album out for 2018. I gotta tell you, there isn’t a lack of writing ability in this band. The hardest process is deciding which songs to record. We are getting invited to a lot of festivals for next year, but the main focus is to get the album out, which will be recorded in Nashville. So that’s the Dead Daises, and we are doing everything possible to stay on the radar and to provide the best shows and best music possible, and if you have to put a label on it, it’s classic rock.

Right now I’m also working on putting some dates together for my solo project, which will be coming up in September. We start just outside of Cologne, Germany. I’m excited to tell you I will be going into the studio the first part of September in Copenhagen to record my new studio record and I’m excited about that. My friend Soren Anderson will co-produce and play on it. I’ll have some of my friends play on it, like I have in the past. The label is Target, a great label that is making a difference out there with artists like me. This is something I’ve got to do for my personal creative reasons. I’m having a blast, staying busier than ever. I’m also talking to John Sykes and Neal Schon about some possible work in the future. 

Check out Marco and the Dead Daises!


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