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Alberto Rigoni’s, Duality

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Alberto Rigoni’s, Duality

Alberto Rigoni’s, Duality

The latest release from Alberto Rigoni, Duality, is like going to a buffet and only having a few minutes to eat, getting everything you needed to get your fill, yet leaving you wanting for more.

Duality does just that.

It is really hard for me to put in a genre, and the reason for that is Duality is music that does not need that genre label.

Duality has seven songs, for a total of twenty five minutes, that keeps you captured and looking forward to what is coming next. There is subtle, beautiful ambience and overtones and other parts that just get heavy and right in your face. The music is the conversation in Duality where words are not needed. I’ve heard quite a few works from Alberto Rigoni and each one leaves me wanting more. This is one that is different though, not in a good or bad sense, just different. A lot of artists are labeled into doing one thing or genre, and that is not fair to any artist. Alberto has crossed those boundaries and it sounds great!

There are quite a few artists featured on Duality, including guitarist Frank Caruso, guitarist Mattias Eklundh, drummer Ryo Okumoto, and Johan Weingartern on piano. The seven tunes included are Afterneath, Song for My Soul, Duality, Message in Morse Code, Kyoto’s Gardens, Mad 333, and Obsessions.

Check out Alberto Rigoni’s Duality which is available here, and on iTunes! Also be sure to check out his website as well for upcoming projects! Follow Alberto on Facebook @AlbertoRigoniMusic


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