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The Minor Pentatonic Scale for Bass

The Minor Pentatonic Scale for Bass

Hello Basschicks and Bassdudes!

My name is Holly Franklin Basschick and I am coming at you with a new lesson… but first I have a question.

What do Paranoid by Black Sabbath and Money by Pink Floyd have in common?

If you guessed the minor pentatonic scale then you are correct! If not, no big deal that’s why I am going to teach you the minor pentatonic scale today!

This is one of the most commonly used scales in most blues and rock music.

This scale is great to write full-length songs, solos and to improvise with.

What the heck does pentatonic mean?

Penta means five and tonic means note. This is going to be a five noted minor scale. We are going to use the minor scale as our base which has 7 notes (not including our octave).

Since there are seven notes in the natural minor scale, the two notes we have to eliminate are the 2nd and 6th notes.

The accompanying video gives a visual breakdown of the minor pentatonic scale and finger positions.

What is your favorite minor pentatonic scale song?

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