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Jason Raso Funktet – Live at The Jazz Room

Jason Raso Funktet – Live at The Jazz Room

Bassist Jason Raso Funktet – Live at The Jazz Room…

On Thursday evening, November 16th at 8:00PM, Bassist/Composer/ Instructor/Marketing Genius Jason Raso released his 8th full-length recording Live at The Jazz Room that features 9 Raso penned compositions and pocket-ruling playing (and a tone that is as near perfect as one can get) with his current sextet comprised of trumpeter Alexis Baro, saxophonist Brent Rowan, keyboardist Thomas Hammerton, guitarist Tyler Wagner, and drummer Adam Bowman.

Jason puts his formidable low end skills to work, all the while displaying an “at the reigns… but not self insistent” disposition that many Bassist/Leaders could take a lesson from.

The release opens with “Stone Cold Liberation” which makes the statement that this band is here to deliver smart and perfectly delivered music… and to have a great time enjoying a musical discussion with one another, and at an extremely high level of interplay! Each member delivers musical gold throughout the evening and each should be very pleased with seeing such great work into fruition. That said, special kudos go out to Thomas Hammerton, and Brent Rowan who’s solos frame the sexy “Farewell To Wishful Thinking”, in that way that those who try too hard, simply, cannot. This would have been a great night to catch this tight and light-hearted affair! Each tune delivers what is expected without being too dense or anxious. Which makes “Live at The Jazz Room” a wonderful album to play around the house!

Check out Jason’s solo on the bumping “La Mar Azul” (one of his precious few solos on this outing) and you will understand why I am such a big Jason Raso fan! After making his all-too-brief statement, it’s back to driving the line that carries the tune. My favorite tune on the release is a closing track, “Loaned Veil” which features the “bad-boy” bass solo recorded that evening! Simply put, “that’s Funky”. Do it, Man! Honorable mention goes to Jason’s solo on “Dream City” – albeit, the tune’s line is so tough… he’s says it all, there.

I cannot wait to hear more from this band! Well done!

Must hear tunes: Dream City, Bar Runs The Voodoo Down, Loaned Veil

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