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Review – Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor

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Review – Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor

Review – Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor

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Boss always makes great effects and the Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor is one of the latest in the bass world.

Very easy to use and ready to go out of the box, however, for some things, like editing patches and using the looper and tuner, I would recommend taking a look at the manual.

The Boss GT-1B has twenty-five different effects for modulation and compression including chorus, flanger, synth, compressors, limiters, and different numbers of options for each one. There are two buttons to combine the effects, FX1/Limiter, and FX2/Mod.

Preamps? You bet!

There are a total of thirteen different preamps, which simulate a lot of the top products on the market including the ever popular flip top. There are seven delays, which include tape, echo, and reverse, and eight reverbs including rooms, halls, plate and more.

Need overdrive or distortion?

There are fifteen different patches for distortion and overdrive. There are a multitude of options to create your own patches from all the different effects including Modulation, Compression, Overdrives & Distortion, Preamps, Reverbs, and Delays, as well as 99 user and preset patches that you can modify.

Boss has also included a pedal built into the unit to control certain effects; it can be used as a whammy pedal, and a looper that records up to 32 seconds and layer them.

The Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor can also be used to record audio and works as an audio card with a simple connection via USB to your computer. The software and drivers are available from the Boss website. Drivers are needed for both MAC and PC. The Boss Tone Studio for GT-1B software allows you to edit and store patches. In addition to that you can download additional patches from the Boss website right within the software package.

Everything that you can edit in the software can also be edited on the Boss GT-1B itself.

Out of the 99 patches that are already loaded, it was hard to find one I didn’t like. Different sounds will allow you to come up with different ideas you may have never thought of.

Connections on the Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor are Input, which powers the pedal on, as opposed to having a power switch. Plug your bass in and it comes on, and I think this is brilliant. There is an aux connection to connect devices that you may want to play along with and a headphone jack. There are two outputs, left and right, with the left albs being the mono connection if you prefer not to use both outputs. External pedals can also be connected, which are available from the Boss website.

The Boss GT-1B is powered by a 9-volt Boss power adapter (not included) or 4 AA batteries.

The Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor is the ultimate multi-effects pedal – with having everything it has and everything a multi effects pedal should have. What is even more unbelievable is the amazingly low price of the unit when it compares to many units three or four times it’s price range. You owe it to yourself to check out the Boss GT-1B!

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