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10 Best ‘On the Road’ Travel Basses

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10 Best ‘On the Road’ Travel Basses

10 Best ‘On the Road’ Travel Basses

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Bass Musician continues the holiday gear shopping season with our best ‘on the road’ travel basses…

Some are compact, many lightweight, but sound and dependability also factored into the criteria for this years top 10  ‘on the road’ travel basses…

Moollon Bass

(Featured Above)

Raul Amador Shares

Quite a few of the touring musicians I have interviewed (Most recently, Tim Lefebvre) are playing these reliable workhorses.

Classic J or P bass configurations are available and they are built to deliver some serious sound. SHOP BASS GEAR

Kala Sub Bass

Ty Campbell Shares

Don’t let the size fool you… for the tiny size this bass packs a full-sound wallop!

Great for gigging.

(This one also made out Best Basses Under $1000) SHOP BASS GEAR

Wing Bass NT

Raul Amador Shares

Perfectly sized for overhead bins on an airplane and yet these little guys have a BIG voice.

I have heard them in Donald Waugh and Michel Laredo’s (MOMO) hands and I am convinced that you CAN do the job with a compact. SHOP BASS GEAR

Sire Bass

Jon Moody Shares

For the money, it’s really hard to beat the Sire bass.

Out of the box it’s way ahead of everything else at twice the price.

(This one also made out Best Basses Under $1000) SHOP BASS GEAR

Traveler Guitar TB-4P

Raul Amador Shares

This little travel bass is built to fit on an airplane but has extra features like a built in headphone amp that make it perfect to play wherever you are.

At 6.8 lbs, this bass is easy on your shoulders when you are the go.


M-Bass 23-Inch Scale Acoustic-Electric MicroBass

This short scale bass really delivers when you need an acoustic bass but want to save space.

Big sound from built in Piezos and Aquilina Polymer strings. SHOP BASS GEAR

Ernie Ball Music Man 40th Anniversary “Old Smoothie” Stingray

Sometimes on the road you need killer sound, substance and looks; the Stingray delivers just that.

This classic design by Leo Fender has been delivering the goods since 1976.

Yes, a durable workhorse. SHOP BASS GEAR

Taylor GS Mini Series

I got to see one of these at winter NAMM and again at the Taylor Roadshow.

Even though they might have had guitarists in mind when they came up with these basses, they have a LOT to offer lowend players.

Great sound both plugged and unplugged. SHOP BASS GEAR

Fender American Professional P Bass

It should come as no surprise that the most common bass we see is still the trusty Fender. The long reputation of sturdy construction and reliable performance make these frequent flyers with bass players. How can you go wrong with a P-Bass?

Available in 4 and 5-strings in a wide selection of colors to help you make your statement. SHOP BASS GEAR

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass Natural

This unique design measures in at only 33-¾” and weighs just 3 pounds 6.5 ounces… definitely a big contender in a small package!

Features a custom piezo pickup so you can plug into your amp. Offers a built-in thumb rest and removable lap-rest frame so you can play in the tightest of spaces. SHOP BASS GEAR






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