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Bass Icon Stu Hamm To Tour The US In Support Of New Album “The Diary of Patrick Xavier”



Legendary bassist Stu Hamm will be touring the US end of February in support of his highly anticipated new concept album “The Diary of Patrick Xavier”!


Stu Hamm has been the go-to bass player for the world’s great musicians. Time spent playing with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani has cemented his place among the greats and gave him the platform to display his pioneering bass techniques to adoring crowds worldwide.

“The Diary of Patrick Xavier”

2015 started out with a bang. My life was tossed in a blender, and I decided to go on a walkabout to sort things out. I booked as many gigs as possible and became the Flying Dutchman of bass players. Those of you who actually know me, know that I am always reading something. And, as much as I love the convenience of my Kindle, and reading comics on my iPad, nothing beats the feel and smell of actually holding a book in your hands. When I finish a book, I leave it in the seat pocket in front of me (if I’m in a plane), or hide it somewhere in the hotel room, where I hope that housekeeping won’t find it, but a bored, lonely fellow traveler might…pay it forward y’all!!

And so…I finished reading “The Shadow-Line” by Joseph Conrad on the beach in Pescara, and pedaled it back with me at the end of the day to Citta’Bianca Hotel and placed it on the bookshelf in the lobby…Then, something caught my eye…It stood out because what was written on the spine was in English. “The Diary of Patrick Xavier”. What I held in my hands was a diary of an American named Patrick Xavier who, after life changing events, had decided to travel for 18 months to find…???…and to keep a journal of his physical, emotional and spiritual journey. And now it gets weird. Although the Agent of Change that happened to Patrick was quite different from what happened to me, the experiences he was going through were just too close to my own to be ignored. We were searching for the same answers to the same questions.

Reading what he went through was heartbreaking, hilarious, inspiring, and all too familiar to me. Anyway, it was all very intriguing. This is how music is created. I came upon the idea to write songs based on P.X.’s journal entries…or at least the ones that mirrored my own experiences and that I could relate to in such a way as I could get the point of the text across musically. I won’t quote directly from his journal entries, but will give a brief description of what he wrote that moved me to write the music. Our man Patrick is a much better writer then me, or maybe…the writer I would have liked to become had my life tilted differently at key moments. The names and places have been changed to protect the guilty… the innocent can take care of themselves. – Stu Hamm

Stu Hamm has traveled the world from Boston to Belfast to Budapest, Bali and Berlin. He’s performed in a 19th century circus tent with Joan Baez, and recorded a duet of “Do Right Woman” with her. HAMM  has performed with Mick Jagger, played sold out shows at Royal Albert Hall and in front of 120,000 people in Mexico City with a Mexican Rock Band.

Hamm graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he met guitarist Steve Vai and, through him, met Joe Satriani. He played bass on Vai’s 1984 debut solo album, “Flex-Able” and in 1990 Hamm was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Degree from his Alma Mater.  He has performed and recorded with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Michael Shenker, Frank Gambale, and many other well-respected guitarists, however, it was playing live on tour with Satriani that brought Hamm’s skills to national attention. Subsequent recordings with Satriani and other rock/fusion artists along with the release of his own solo recordings (featuring keyboard player Tommy Mars, guitarists Alan Holdsworth and Robert Fripp, drummers Steve Smith and Tommy Lee), solidified his reputation as a bassist and performer.

Stu Hamm solo tour dates:

FEBRUARY 27, TUE – St. Paul, MN (Vieux Carré)

FEBRUARY 28, WED – Milwaukee, WI (Shank Hall)

MARCH 1, THU – Chicago, IL (Reggie’s)

MARCH 2, FRI – Indianapolis, IN (Irving Theater)

MARCH 3, SAT – Evansville, IN (Mojo’s BoneYard)

MARCH 4, SUN – St. Louis, MO (Fubar)

MARCH 6, TUE – Cincinnati, OH (MVP)

MARCH 7, WED – Detroit, MI (Token Lounge)

MARCH 8, THU – Cleveland, OH (Wilbert’s Music)

MARCH 10, SAT – Kenneth Square, PA (Kenneth Flash)

MARCH 11, SUN – New Hope, PA (Havana)

MARCH 15, THU – Marlboro, NY (The Falcon)

MARCH 16, FRI – Providence, RI (Alchemy)

MARCH 17, SAT – Boston, MA (The Middle East Upstairs)

MARCH 18, SUN – Brookline, NH (Oak Hill Music Hall)

MARCH 20, TUE – Piermont, NY (The Turning Point)

MARCH 21, WED – Pawling, NY (Darryl’s House)

MARCH 22, THU – Schenectady, NY (The Van Dyck Lounge)

MARCH 23, FRI – Syracuse, NY (Funk ‘n Waffles Downtown)

MARCH 25, SUN – Rochester, NY (Lovin’ Cup)

MARCH 27, TUE – Buffalo, NY (The Tralf)

MARCH 28, WED – Toronto, ON (The Garrison)

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STYX Announces Terry Gowan As New Bass Player



STYX Announces Terry Gowan As New Bass Player

Band photo 2024 courtesy of ABC Public Relations. Photographer, Jason Powell. Left to right:  Todd Sucherman, Lawrence Gowan, Chuck Panozzo, James “JY” Young, Tommy Shaw, Terry Gowan, Will Evankovich

STYX Announces Terry Gowan As New Bass Player…

Terry Gowan declares, “It is within an honor and somewhere beyond a dream come true to be joining JY, Tommy, Chuck, Will, and my brother Lawrence – and to be reacquainted with decade long Gowan bandmate Todd — in taking on the mantle as the new bassist of the legendary STYX. Here’s to many years ahead on the Styx adventure!”

“I’m very pleased and proud to have my brother, Terry, join Styx,” says Lawrence Gowan. “Terry played on four of my six solo Gowan albums. He’s on records that include some of the world’s most renowned musicians: Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Jon Anderson, and Alex Lifeson, as well as touring with Gowan from 1985 to 1990 and again 2010 to this year of 2024. It’s really great to have him aboard!”

As Tommy Shaw exclaims, “We’re all looking forward to the Canadian shows that are coming up soon and introducing Terry Gowan on bass guitar and vocals as the newest Styx member!!! Are you ready to rock? We are too! See you soon!”

Drummer Todd Sucherman adds, “I’ve had the pleasure of being a rhythm section partner with Terry Gowan for several years in Gowan’s band, and I look forward to welcoming this talented multi-instrumentalist into the fold.”

STYX has five decades of hits and immortal rock songs. Like a symphony reaching a crescendo, a STYX show covers a wide range of styles. From “Suite Madame Blue” to “The Grand Illusion”, including “Lady”, “Blue Collar Man”, “Renegade”, “Miss America”, “Lorelei”, “Crystal Ball” and obviously “Come Sail Away,” the band has a virtually limitless supply of classics.

CRASH OF THE CROWN, STYX’s most recent album released in 2021, reached #1 on the Billboard Rock chart after its release.

Visit online:

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Bassist/Music Educator Andreas Farmakalidis Candidate for LAUSD District 3



Bassist:Music Educator Andreas Farmakalidis Candidate for LAUSD District 3

Bassist/Music Educator Andreas Farmakalidis Candidate for LAUSD District 3: A Champion for Music and Arts in Schools…

Andreas Farmakalidis, a renowned music educator and business owner, will be on the ballot for LAUSD District 3 School Board. As an independent candidate, Farmakalidis brings a fresh perspective and a passionate commitment to revitalizing music and arts programs in schools. With a proven track record of success and a vision for a brighter educational future, Farmakalidis aims to provide every child with a well-rounded education. Andreas Farmakalidis is not just an exceptional educator and business owner; he is also an accomplished movie composer, having contributed music to several renowned films.

His talent and dedication earned him a prestigious Spotify and Hollywood Music Award. Beyond music, Farmakalidis enjoys cooking, specializing in Greek and Cypriot cuisine. He is happily married to Alexis Lopez, a former American Idol finalist, and together they embrace the joy of parenting their two-year-old daughter, Mavis. Known for his unwavering hard work, dedication, and passion, Farmakalidis has always championed causes that are close to his heart, especially education. 

With a diverse and vibrant community in LAUSD District 3, Farmakalidis recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. His commitment to this district is rooted in the belief that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves a high-quality education that equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life. 

“I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education in the lives of young people and the broader community,” says Farmakalidis. “It is our responsibility to invest in our schools, teachers, and students. By ensuring safe and welcoming learning environments and providing necessary resources and support to our educators, we can achieve equity and inclusivity in our educational system. 

Every child should have a fair shot at achieving their dreams.” Furthermore, Farmakalidis is dedicated to fostering strong partnerships between schools, parents, businesses, and the broader community. Recognizing that collaboration and engagement are essential to address the unique needs of the district, he aims to create opportunities for learning, growth, and success for all. In addition to his commitment to academic excellence, Farmakalidis firmly believes in the importance of the arts in education. 

He envisions a District 3 where every child has access to a comprehensive arts education, regardless of their background or neighborhood. By investing in music, visual arts, theater, and dance programs, and providing students with the necessary tools and resources, Farmakalidis aims to inspire creativity, foster innovation, and provide a powerful means of self-expression. The arts play a crucial role in developing critical thinking skills, enhancing cultural awareness, and building empathy by exploring diverse perspectives. “I am running for LAUSD District 3 because I believe that, with the right leadership, we can make our schools even better, provide our children with a brighter future, and strengthen our community as a whole,” says Farmakalidis.

 “Together, we can work towards a brighter, more equitable future for all our students.” In the upcoming election, LAUSD District 3 voters have a choice to make. Farmakalidis stands out as the only candidate who prioritizes bringing music and arts back to schools, recognizing the profound impact they have on students’ development and growth. The stakes are high in this election. The right candidate can shape the future of education in LAUSD District 3, ensuring that every child has access to a high-quality education and the opportunity to thrive. Andreas Farmakalidis’s proven dedication, commitment, and passion make him the ideal candidate to lead the way.

For more information on Andreas Farmakalidis and his campaign, please visit 

Follow him on social media @afarmakalidis.

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Freekbass Crowned TikTok LIVE Fest Finalist



TikTok LIVE Fest

Hometown bassist and frontman, Freekbass is representing Cincinnati as a Top 30 Award Winner for TikTok LIVE Fest, with a ceremony set to take place in January 2024, in Los Angeles, CA.

TikTok LIVE Fest is a global event across 50+ countries and regions that recognizes and celebrates top creators. The contest took place from December 1st-16th, with each talent accruing points based on support from their communities during their live streams. What began as thousands of streamers competing worldwide, was reduced to a cut of 300, then 150, and ultimately the final Top 30 were crowned as the winners. Freekbass, who just started streaming on TikTok in March of this year, placed as Top 24 creator, globally. To give context, social media influencer and TikTok veteran, Jeffree Star, placed third in the same competition. All Top 30 winners receive airfare, hotel and travel expenses to appear at the TikTok LIVE Fest Awards Ceremony, along with other prizes.

Freekbass performs a one-man show, creating live music with his signature bass-playing, and also plays guitar, percussion, keys and vocoder, using DJ beats and samples, while staying continually engaged with the viewers via chat. He accredits his rapid rise in popularity to his loyal community, lovingly dubbed the “Freek Squad”. To meet them virtually and check out a nightly Freekbass live stream, visit most evening, starting at 10pm ET.

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Immortal Sÿnn Welcomes Former Grim Reaper Bassist Chaz Grimaldi



Immortal Sÿnn Welcomes Former Grim Reaper Bassist Chaz Grimaldi

Immortal Sÿnn Welcomes Former Grim Reaper Bassist Chaz Grimaldi…

Denver-based heavy metal group, Immortal Sÿnn, proudly announces the inclusion of Chaz Grimaldi, former bass player of Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, as the latest addition to their dynamic lineup. This development follows Sean Ryan’s departure from the band four months ago. With Chaz on board, Immortal Sÿnn is forging ahead, actively resuming live performances in the Denver area and strategically planning a forthcoming United States tour for the summer of 2024.

Chaz Grimaldi, an accomplished bassist originally from Silver Spring, MD, brings an impressive musical history to the fold. With a prolific career that notably includes his role in the 80s NWOBHM legends Grim Reaper, renowned for their iconic “See You In Hell” (2008-2016 & 2019), and Dave Lombardo’s Grip Inc. (1993), Chaz’s journey has been one of remarkable experiences. Reflecting on his global tours with distinguished musicians, he shares, “Having been fortunate to tour the world playing with some of the best musicians has been an incredible blessing in my life. The lifelong friendships of people I’ve met and the incredible places I’ve seen has been truly amazing.” Chaz’s recent endeavors with Tampa-based band Jezabelle garnered significant online attention. Now, as he joins forces with Denver’s Immortal Sÿnn, he eagerly anticipates contributing his prowess to the collective.

Chaz states, “I’m excited about the opportunity to play with Immortal Synn! The song catalog kicks ass and has all of the elements of METAL that I love to play. I look forward to being a part of this incredible band!”

Immortal Sÿnn recently unleashed their latest single, “Lady Nocturna,” on August 4th. Currently collaborating once again with engineer Nick Nodurft at Rusty Sun Audio in Parker, CO, the band is immersed in recording a 5-song EP titled “Hellspawn.” The EP is set to release on September 15th across major streaming platforms and digital stores, with physical CDs to follow.

Reflecting on the addition of Chaz Grimaldi, Tony Z, guitarist of Immortal Sÿnn, affirms, “We all knew Chaz was our guy when he came to the audition and actually knew all of the material and was well-prepared. He didn’t just ‘look at’ the songs we had sent him and fake his way through them like so many people in the local scene do when it comes to auditions.”

For fervent fans of bands such as Grim Reaper, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth, Immortal Sÿnn’s signature blend of heavy metal elements continues to resonate and excite.

Visit online at

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Listen to the First New Recording from The Fusion Syndicate in Over 10 Years!



Listen to the First New Recording from The Fusion Syndicate in Over 10 Years!

In 2012, the world of fusion rock/jazz was shook by the introduction of a new supergroup of unparalleled musical virtuosos who came together under one umbrella for a blockbuster studio album.

Both the group and its debut album were called simply The Fusion Syndicate, and it featured some of the biggest names in fusion including members of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Yellowjackets, Brand X, Soft Machine, and Spyro Gyra PLUS Yes, Dream Theater, King Crimson, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Hawkwind and more! Now a new single is released today with the first new recording from The Fusion Syndicate in over 10 years!

That new single, “The Bottle,” is unique in several ways. For starters, it is the Fusion Syndicate’s first ever cover song, a trippy, groovy version of jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron’s 1973 dramatic story of alcohol abuse in the inner city. Second, the track is the first to incorporate R&B and soul music flavors into the band’s repertoire driven by a stellar vocal from intergalactic superstar Bootsy Collins. In addition, joining Collins is multi-instrumentalist Brian Jackson, who was a member of Gil Scott-Heron’s band and performed on the original recording of “The Bottle.” Here, Jackson recreates the vibe 1970s soul jazz while bringing a modern flair that perfectly suits The Fusion Syndicate’s style.

Could this be the first song from a forthcoming full-length album from The Fusion Syndicate? Stay tuned in to The Fusion Syndicate revolution to learn more!

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