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DI Demo/Review – Rupert Neve Designs RNDI, Radial J48 & LiveWire

In this demo and review I A/B’d three different DIs – a Rupert Neve Designs RNDI (high), Radial J48 (mid) and the LiveWire (low).

Gear Used:

A 1974 Fender Jazz (w/Balanced Nickels), a Hilton Workhorse 5 string (w/Progressives) and a Supro Huntington II fretless (w/Balanced Nickels).


Recorded by Gordon van Gent at Overneath Creative Collective, Kalamazoo MI
Recorded through Avalon AD2022, Avid IO converter, Antelope AFC Clocking.

Visit online:

Neve RNDI:
Radial J48:
LiveWire: Available at
Jon Moody:
Overneath Creative Collective:

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