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Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805 5-String Bass Review

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Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805 5-String Bass Review

The Ibanez SRMS805 is a recently developed bass from the Ibanez Bass Workshop.

The look of this bass is absolutely stunning and the sound and tone is everything it needs to be, and more.

The Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805 is a multi-scale fret bass and the tension across all strings is even.

The playability just seems natural, more comfortable, and adjusting to it is very easy and practically immediate. The SRMS805 has a stunning poplar burl top with a walnut and mahogany body. The neck type is a SRMS5 5-piece jatoba and walnut multi-scale with a 24-fret bound panga panga fretboard with acrylic inlays. Speaking of the panga panga fretboard, this reminds me a little of wenge. Panga panga is from Eastern Africa with the appearance of a heartwood, is extremely durable and can even be used as a substitute for ebony because of it’s hardness.

The electronics for the SRMS805 consists of passive Bartolini BH2 pickups for the neck an dbridge positions.

The Active Ibanez custom EQ is 3-band with controls for volume, balance, bass boost/cut, mid boost/cut, and treble boost/cut. There is an EQ bypass switch and when the EQ is off, the treble control acts as a passive tone control. There is also a 3-way switch for mids, with the options of 250Hz, 450Hz, and 700Hz. The 3-band EQ is powered by a 9 volt battery. The bridge is the MR5S bridge, with a separate bridge piece for each string. The spacing for the bridge between strings is 16.5 mm, which is ample room even for those with larger hands, and is adjustable at the bridge by + or – 1.5mm. All of the hardware is matte black.

The SRMS805 is available in 2 finishes, Brown Topaz Burst and Deep Twilight.

Check out the Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805 online at at a music retailer near you!



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