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Nordstrand np4a and NJ4SV Pickups Review

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Nordstrand np4a and NJ4SV Pickups Review

On the newer side from Nordstrand Pickups are the np4a and NJ4SV pickups.

The np4a is quite unique in that it takes the angled pole pieces that Nordstrand is so well known for and puts it in a classic style pickup. The np4a is a 4-string hum-canceling split coil pickup with two pole pieces for each string and is available with either alnico III V magnets.

THE NJ4SV pickups are 4-string vintage style single coil pickups and they are available only in Alnico V, based on the 60’s wind. As with the np4a, there are two pole pieces per string.

Installation for both the np4a and NJ4SV pickups was pretty straightforward, even if you have never replaced pickups in your bass.

That was the case with me, and while I was a little nervous about replacing my own pickups, it was actually quite easy. All you need is a little time, patience and some very basic tools such as a screwdriver and soldering iron. The soldering iron I used is a 40-watt one, which I picked up from my local hardware store and it did the job perfectly. Nordstrand provides accurate and easy to follow instructions and new screws for the pickups. The Nordstrand website also has pickup/preamp wiring and schematics as well as advice on how to choose the right pickup for your bass.

Both the np4a precision pickups and the NJ4SV jazz pickups sound absolutely stunning and were a definite upgrade from my stock pickups.

Both of the basses I used to test the pickups are passive and I noticed from the start that they produced more volume and clarity, sounding tighter, yet punchy and defined.

Nordstrand also produces a fine line of other pickups for precision, jazz, and has sets for PJ basses. They also have 3 and 2 band preamps as well as a 2 band music man style preamps, and for those bassists that also play guitar, Nordstrand offers guitar pickups too.

Find them at or a music retailer near you!

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