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Bass Improvisation – Michael Brecker ‘Moment’s Notice’ Solo Adapted for Electric Bass

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Bass Improvisation – Michael Brecker ‘Moment’s Notice’ Solo Adapted for Electric Bass

Bass Improvisation with Andrea Fascetti…

Special lesson: Michael Brecker ‘Moment’s Notice’ Solo Adapted for Electric Bass

Hi Dear Bass Player Friends!

Today instead of my usual lesson, I’m going to do something different. As I have done sometimes in the past, let’s not do the usual work.

Today we will work on a special music transcription that I have prepared for you. In January 2018 it was the anniversary of the death of Michael Brecker, who for me was one of the best musicians ever.

So in his honor I decided to transcribe one of my favorite solos that Michael played on Arturo Sandoval CD, “Swingin” in 1996. I transcribed Michael’s ‘Moment’s Notice’ solo for you and adapted it for bass.

I think that solo transcriptions are one of the most important things when you study music. If you take the solo note-by-note and you play it with the record, copying exactly what you hear, you will notice that your ear, tecnique and articulation will improve. Unfortunately the best solos are not played by bassists because usually the bass is in the background.

Okay… Now it’s time for homework assignment:

Important: the solo is written an octave down than played with my bass, so you will find very low notes. Please take care. It’s a good way to learn ‘not the usual’ notes. Just learn it and transpose it one octave up.

Click to view PDF of Micheal Brecker solo for bass – Moment’s Notice by Andrea Fascetti

1) Take the solo and play it along with the original record. Start to read the music very slow. Only when you have the solo under your fingers you can play it along with the CD.

Remember: this is an advanced work, so please be patient with yourself!

2) Listen to Michael’s articulation and breath and try to imitate it with your bass.

3) Take a look at the notes and analyze it.

Ok, this is a very hard work…. but no pain no gain J

See you soon!




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