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Tech 21 NYC Q\Strip Review

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Tech 21 NYC Q\Strip Review

Tech 21 always has great products and the Q\Strip is no exception.

While the Q\Strip works great on bass, it is not limited to just bass. The Q\Strip works great on any instrument both live and in the studio, and it can even be used for speaker simulation!

The EQ is designed from the sound of the classic consoles from back in the 1960’s and 1970’s and allows you to shape the EQ to match. The Q\Strip has two bands of parametric EQ, with the first from 40Hz to 700Hz and the second from 300Hz to 6kHz. The Q\Strip also has high pass and low pass filters with the high pass filter getting rid of the rumble with instruments going direct to the board and the low pass filter gets rid of unwanted frequencies and can be used as a speaker simulator.

Don’t have a power adapter or batteries?

The Q\Strip can also run on phantom power in either a live situation or in the studio. A -20dB pad is available for the XLR output and there is a +10dB pad for the 1/4” output. The Q\Strip also has a parallel output for devices such as a tuner. I actually have a bass that the manufacturer recommends a +10dB output, so the Q\Strip really comes in handy for that! The EQ section has controls for bass, mid1, mid 2, and treble and the output is controlled by the level control.

I’ve used the Q\Strip in both my home studio and for live gigs and it is becoming my go-to DI.

Q\Strip Speaker Simulation:

Hear the Q\Strip with other instruments:

Check out the Tech 21 Q\Strip online at an authorized Tech 21 dealer near you!

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