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Jonathan Moffett “Sugarfoot”, A Bass Player’s Best Friend – Part 3

The Bass Players Jonathan Moffett “Sugarfoot” Wants to Work With…

Click to view a personal message for Bass Players by Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett

Having been the Beat Monster behind some of the world’s biggest touring and recording acts in history you also come into contact with the world’s best bass players… spending weeks, months and even years with the cream of the crop of bottom enders.

In this interview Jonathan Moffett “Sugarfoot” talks about his favorite bass players, as well as the FOUNDATION OF PROFESSIONALISM.

Want to know why the bass players are the COOL ONES and which bass players would the SUGARFOOT love to work with in the future? It’s all here in this interview.

Check it out –

Visit Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett Online:

Photo, Char Rowse from Drumeo

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