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Amptweaker Releases DepthFinder EQ Pedal

The Amptweaker DepthFinder™ EQ pedal allows you to easily add the tone of power amp-style Resonance and Presence controls in your amp’s effects loop, or on your pedalboard.

After modding many pedals to add these knobs, Amptweaker has created a stand alone 2 knob pedal that makes it easy to get the tone of a tube amp’s low damping factor….even in a solid state amp…..and quickly get to the bottom of your tone!

The frequency range, resonant frequency, and boost of each control was matched to the controls on a block-letter 5150 head, into a Vintage 30 cabinet, to provide the gut-punching thump and sizzly cut that those amps are known for… that’s available for any rig. There’s even a trimpot inside to tweak the level.

An obvious use for the DepthFinder is to patch it into the effects loops on any Amptweaker drive pedal, giving you even more control for extending the bandwidth of your tone, and it can even be used in the SideTrak loop to provide a deeper lowend and top end clarity to your clean tone.

As with most Amptweaker products, the DepthFinder runs on 9V to 18V adapters (no batteries fit this tiny pedal) for the maximum clean headroom and dynamics.

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