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Doris Yeh News… CHTHONIC Release Acoustic Version of “Millenia Faith Undone”

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Doris Yeh News… CHTHONIC Release Acoustic Version of “Millenia Faith Undone”

Bassist Doris Yeh News… Taiwanese Metallists’ CHTHONIC Reveal Acoustic Video For “Millenia’s Faith Undone”

Known for their ferocious performances, Taiwanese metal outfit CHTHONIC have expanded their sound with their previous acoustic releases, including 2014’s acoustic album, “Timeless Sentence”, and acoustic singles, “Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace” and “Kaoru”.

Following the release of the music video for their debut single, ” Millennia’s Faith Undone”, earlier this month, CHTHONIC have now shared the official music video of the Aeon’s Wraith version (acoustic version) of “Millennia’s Faith Undone”, featuring Denise Ho, on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival.

WATCH “Millenia’s Faith Undone” (Aeon’s Wraith Version) Feat. Denise Ho:

The original crew, including director, Birdy, lead actor and actress, Finn and Chia-Yu Chang, together created the finale of the series of stories.

Being executed during the White Terror, the protagonist dies without a place to rest in peace, either is his last will sent to his wife and children. Starting its first page from Kaoru (acoustic ver.), the story finally comes to a sorrowful end which is also a traumatic moment in Taiwanese history.

To faithfully present the period setting in the new album, Birdy had the production of the music video take place at the historical architecture Yilan Literature Museum. Set in the antique traditional Japanese style house, the music video gives CHTHONIC a delicate vibe different from their on-stage look; Denise Ho, who gladly agreed to be featured in CHTHONIC’s latest album, first time setting foot in Yilan Literature Museum, also didn’t hesitate to show her fondness of the location.

Usually, in the acoustic version of CHTHONIC music videos, the costume designing tend to be more “low key.”

However, bassist Doris Yeh’s glacial style added a crucial touch that left all the crew impressed. Doris noted that she’s thankful for the hard work by the hair and makeup artists. Besides, compared to the past metal version music videos which require more dramatic expression and gesture than live performance, she prefers the shoot for the acoustic version as it allows more natural body movement of everyday life. Frontman Freddy stated that to prepare for the music video, he had to refresh his a bit rusty erhu playing. After a busy day in the parliament, he still had to practice at the late night. He also joked, “Luckily I’m not in the shot too much as I didn’t play it right in a couple spots”

CHTHONIC will release their latest album, “Battlefields of Asura”, worldwide on October 10, 2018.

Although “Millennia’s Faith Undone” (Aeon’s Wrath version) is not included in the album, it will be released as a single on vinyl, this will be the first-ever CHTHONIC vinyl. As an avid vinyl collector, guitarist Jesse Liu excitedly announces that he must be the first one to have the vinyl once it’s done as he can’t wait for having it in his collection!

Pre-order “Battlefields of Asura” now:

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