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BASS 2 BASS with FREEKBASS – Victor Wooten



BASS 2 BASS with FREEKBASS – Victor Wooten

Start off any conversation about the bass guitar and Victor Wooten is always one of the first names to come up.

Victor has made playing bass and music, not just a career choice, but a philosophical one. With both his live performances and his Bass Nature Camps, his playing takes the bass to metaphysical heights.

Photo, Angela Bartolo

His teachings are influencing and paving the way for a whole new generation of bassists.

I’ve been lucky enough to have shared the stage with Victor one time, and I am very honored and excited to have him as part of this month’s ‘Bass 2 Bass with Freekbass’. Hope you enjoy.

I know you started gigging when you were very young, what was your first bass, and do you still own it?

VW: I was lucky enough to be in a band with my brothers at a very early age. My first real bass was a Univox. It was a copy of the Paul McCartney style Hofner. Yes! I still have it.

-What movie (either already in existence or one yet to be made), would you like to compose the score for?

VW: I have an idea for a movie where all the dialogue is delivered as Music. I would love to compose for that.

-If you could choose any bassist to study with for a day, who would it be and why?

VW: It would be difficult to choose only one, but Bootsy comes to mind just so I could hear all of the stories from one of the creators of FUNK bass.

-If you were asked to create a new bass pedal, what would you like to design and what would it do?

VW: I’ve been wanting to get a pedal made that is a combination pitch bend and vibrato. It would work just like the modulation wheel on a synthesizer.

-What superhero would make the best bass player?

VW: Bootsy Collins

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