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Eventide Anthology XI Brings Entire Collection to your Studio


Eventide Anthology XI Brings Entire Collection to your Studio

The upside of having recording software on your computer? Access to a huge amount of amazing plugins. The downside? Not knowing which plugins are going to fit your needs, help you expand your capabilities and be user-friendly. The folks at Eventide are no stranger to amazing software. And, with the introduction of Anthology XI, they put over 45 years of experience – and plugins – to work for you.

The Anthology

Eventide has been offering all of the plugins separately for a while now. But, the latest version of Anthology XI puts it all in one spot. All of the legendary hardware that top-tier studios have relied on for years, nay decades, is available to you at your home studio. Whether you’re running the latest version of ProTools or using Garage Band (coyly raises hand), the studio-quality of Eventide is at your fingertips, ready to be used to take your recordings to the next level. Aside from that, there are over 2,900 presets included; many created by such notables as Dave Pensado, George Massenburg, Tony Visconti, Vernon Reid and more.

Getting Started

Looking through the collection, there’s an amazing amount of delay, reverb, flangers, phasers, EQs and more; where to start? From the experience with my H9 Multi-effects pedal, I started in on the Blackhole reverb. The interface of the effect in the H9 app is mirrored in the plug-in. Every parameter is easily adjusted and set, allowing you infinite possibilities. If there’s any downside to that, it’s that you could spend hours getting caught up in tweaking every little nuance. And that’s not necessarily bad.

After finally getting myself out of the depths of time-altering reverb, I played around with a bunch of the other presets. All look and react just like their hardware counterparts. The nice thing for me is that, since many of the effects that I use on the H9 Multi-effects pedal are available in the plug-ins, it saves me a lot of time having to set something up. I can just copy the settings, plug in my bass, and hit record. Easy enough.

But Wait! There’s More!

Aside from the plug-ins in this expansive collection, it bears to mention that Eventide has a great forum as well as YouTube channel, allowing you to dive even deeper into the capabilities of all the tools at your disposal. What better way to learn than to talk with fellow artists and hear how they use all of the software?

In Conclusion

The Anthology XI from Eventide is an incredibly expansive collection of everything that made Eventide what it is today. While the plug-ins are available a la carte, the full bundle is the best way to capitalize on the decades of experience that Eventide has created. The end result is a home studio that’s got more capabilities than you could’ve ever imagined, without the need for racks and racks of units.

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