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Parallel Keys

Parallel Keys

Parallel keys have the same tonic (root) note and octave but different key signatures. This applies when talking about the major and minor scales. If we take a minor the parallel key to that would be A major. Same root and octave notes but two different key signatures. The a minor has no sharps and no flats but the A Major has three sharps (F#,C#, & G#).

Why is this important?
Parallel keys are important to learn because when writing music they can be a great transition statement. For example, if you start off writing a song in c minor and want to transition to a more happier sound, you don’t have to change many notes to transition to the C major scale. You would just need to make the e, a, and b notes natural instead of flat.

Hope you enjoyed the lesson! If you are looking for more information on music theory, scales and more check out my e-book here.

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