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Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp Review

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Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp Review

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Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp Review…

Peavey has a new line of bass amps that came out in 2018 and they are rugged, sturdy, and sound big.

The Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp pushes out up to 250 Watts of pure bass low end with it’s 15” speaker and a built-in tweeter. It is great for practicing at home as well as up to medium size gigs.

One of my first bass amps that I ever had was a Peavey and to be honest, I wish I still had it.

First thing I noticed right off about the MAX 250 Bass Amp was the inputs for active and passive basses.

I have a bass that is passive that requires, per manufacturer specs, an inout that is 10dB hotter than the active input, and the Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp covers that. The controls are similar to other bass amps on the market, having controls for gain, bass, middle, treble, and volume. The 3 band EQ for bass, mids, and treble controls allow for + or – 15dB for each.

Other controls include buttons for overdrive, contour, mid shift, bright, and kosmos-c. The overdrive button works along with the gain control and the amount of overdrive increases when the gain know is turned up.

The amount of overdrive that the Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp produces goes from very subtle down to outright rockin’! The contour button, which I find myself using a lot, gives that scoop EQ type sound. Anyone remember the smiley face on the EQ’s from long ago, well, that’s what contour does, it boosts the lows and highs and cuts out the mids. The mid shift button works along with the control for mids, changing the frequency. When the mid shift button is engaged, the mid frequency is 250Hz, when disengaged, it is 600Hz.

The bright switch give a 10dB boost to frequencies above 1KHz when activated.

Last but not least is the kosmos-c button. Kosmos-c is a subharmonic generator which creates harmonics an octave below. I really like the kosmos-c, it brings the bottom end more alive sounding.

My main settings that I like to use on the Peavey MAX 250 are having the bass, mid, and treble controls set at 12 o’clock with the contour engaged, and engaging the kosmos-c when I need that extra punch.

This bass amp is also equipped with a built in chromatic tuner, which functions when the amp is muted with the tuner/mute button.

Other features include FX Loop send and return, 1/8” jacks for aux input and another for headphones, DI Output with ground lift, and a combo 1/4”, speakon connector for an external speaker cab. Another great feature of the amp is that the speaker and tweeter are tilted slightly back, which makes it easier to hear when playing live.

The Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp is well rounded for any genre of music and will last for many years to come.

Check out the Peavey MAX 250 Bass Amp online or at a music retailer near you!

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