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Trickfish Trilobite Preamp Pedal Review

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Trickfish Trilobite Preamp Pedal Review

Trickfish Trilobite Preamp Pedal Review…

The design team at Trickfish has released (September 2018) the amazing “built like a tank” A/B DI Preamp pedal called TRILOBITE, and it is a true paradigm shift to the practicing/gigging/recording bassist! The pedal weighs-in at just under 2 lbs. and has the ability to function in “Mono Mode”, which is using a single instrument while switching between the A and B preamp settings. Or, if using two instruments, A and B channels can function as independent preamp channels. The second function, “Dual Mode”, served me very well both live and in the studio (as an A/B DI switch while employing fretted and fretless instruments), and the routing options of the Trilobite’s paired (low noise. solid state) Bullhead preamps brings matchless versatility to every situation I ran it through over a three week test period. One of my favorite things was adding a volume pedal through the Insert Send/Return that resulted in great fretless bass control and response while recording! I even broke out my Line 6 “bean” Bass Pod and sent it through the EFX loop that is also provided on the Trilobite! The mode indicators on the Trilobite’s face are very bright, and the unit is completely “plug and play” in its ease of use.

This unit is virtually indestructible, and it has become an invaluable piece of equipment in my rig! As a recording DI box, the Trilobite is convenient, clean and quiet while offering more than I needed to recreate “my sound”! Special mention for the wonderfully designed EFX send/return and pre/post push-button functions, and the completely silent Mute switch! Finally, the unit comes with multi-functional, switchable wall input adapters, and rubber feet for “no sliding on uncarpeted floor” use! Trickfish thought of everything! The Trilobite costs $599.00 retail.

Trickfish Trilobite Preamp Specifications:


solid state


Channel A/B Footswitch

FX On/Off Footswitch

Mute Footswitch

Line In: 1/8” mini jack

Mono/Dual Instrument Inputs:

¼’ Phone with rotary gain control

Input Level Indicator:

Signal level and Clip LEDs (green/red)

Channel A EQ:

4 Band with switchable Mid

Shelving Bass and Treble

Low-Mid and Hi–Mid -Variable Gain, Band Pass EQ with selectable frequency/bandwidth options

Channel B EQ:

4 Band

Shelving Bass and Treble

Low-Mid /  Hi–Mid -Variable Gain, Band Pass EQ

Master Volume:

Rotary Control

Headphone Out:

Stereo 1/8” mini jack

Tuner Out:

¼” Phone jack

Amp Out:

¼” Phone jack

EFX Loop:

Parallel with side-chain dry blend

Insert Loop:


Direct Out:

600 Ohm Balanced XLR, Pre/Post, and Ground Lift

AUX Out:

600 Ohm Balanced XLR, Post EQ

Power Supply:

Switch-Mode Power Supply, Output 12V (0.5A)




(H x W x D in.) 2.5? Top / 1.5? Bottom x 8.875? x 6?

(H x W x D mm) 63.5mm Top / 38mm Bottom x 225.5mm x 152.5mm


1.81 lbs.



Available online at


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